Elephant trampled woman and attacked her body during funeral

In the eastern state of Odisha, India, a 70-year-old woman named Maya Murmu was trampled to death by an elephant before attacking her body during a funeral. It is reported by the New York Post.

According to police, the animal escaped from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located in the neighboring state. Murmu was drawing water from a well when an elephant ran into her. The beast trampled on the woman, she died from her injuries in the nearest hospital.

During the funeral, the Murmu family performed Hindu religious rites, and before lighting the funeral pyre, the elephant reappeared. He grabbed the corpse, threw it into the air and ran away. After that, the family continued with the funeral ceremony, the elephant never returned.

Earlier it was reported that a group of killer whales, also known as killer whales, attacked a ten-meter sailing yacht near the Spanish resort of Barbate in the middle of the night. Concerned sailors urgently turned to the rescue service, but the killer whales managed to ram the ship.

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