Faithful dog died saving child from fire

8-month-old baby survived only thanks to the heroism of four-legged friend. At 10:45 PM in one of the houses on the street Gough Street (Baltimore, USA) the fire broke out.

When firefighters arrived, two-story house was all on fire, from the Windows of the first and the second floor was falling thick smoke.

Knowing that on the second floor is a small child, firefighters still entered the burning building, found the baby and immediately sent her to the hospital.

The fire started in a time when the child’s mother Erica Poremski, after putting the daughter to bed, popped up for a few minutes from home to take things from the car.

When she returned, flames were already raging, and her little Vivian was on the second floor.

“I heard her crying, but couldn’t get to her,” says Erica. I tried many times and many of the neighbors tried. We knocked the door and Windows. But not able to get her out”.

Eric got burns of hands and face, unsuccessfully trying to save Vivian.

Firefighters found the girl with the family dog Poremski named Polo. The dog covered the girl with his body.

“The dog, the baby received burns on one side only,” says Eric. He stayed with Vivian all the time and didn’t even try to run.”

Now the child is in the hospital with burns of the face, hands and one side. But the brave Polo did not survive.

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