Granny with a Kalashnikov saved the cops from a street gang

It was in Los Angeles, a few days ago. Police officers Ricardo Cordoba and Frank Cho went to the scene of the alleged crime, where, according to them, was scheduled for a major deal involving drugs. Local gangsters, without thinking, opened by Ministers about the fire. And there would be the case brave officers entirely bad if not for the 79-year-old Wendy Robinson.

When the shooting began, the grandmother worked on the farm in their kitchen, looked out the window, immediately realized what was happening and decided to intervene. Dressed in a bulletproof vest (in Los Angeles, apparently, it is a necessity for each grandmother) and armed with AK-47 assault rifle, she rushed to the aid of the officers, fired in the direction of criminals 160 bullets and injuring two.

“Those bastards there were ten or twelve people. They shot the poor officers of shotguns, an Uzi [submachine guns], ” she told reporters — and those were just the guns. I wear a flak jacket, took the gun, grabbed ammunition and went outside. As soon as I started to shoot at them, their courage immediately vanished, and they began to run. Officers also very surprised with my sudden appearance, but was very grateful for help.

As a result, two thugs who stabbed a grandmother, was arrested on the spot. They were sent to the hospital of Martin Luther king. Doctors say the condition is both quite serious, but the danger to life.


The police are concerned, as if the bandits did not retaliate brave grandmother, the Mrs. Robinson of the danger, it seems, does not care:

“They say that these thugs may try to attack me for what I did,” she told reporters. – Just let them turn up! I never let anyone in my life not afraid and not going to start now! These guys think that the streets belong to them, but I’ve lived here for 53 years and are not going to leave. I’m ready to defend yourself and your home, so don’t have to worry about me”.

In the Los Angeles area of Watts, where he lives Mrs. Robinson wielding gang called the Crips. This is one of the largest and most violent criminal gangs in the United States – it consists of 30 to 50 thousand Afro-Americans. On account of the many murders, robberies, drug deals and other crimes.

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