In Mexico gunned down an astrologer who predicted the death of Michael Jackson

The Mexican police investigating the murder of Colombian origin clairvoyant Rodrigo Rodriguez. He was found dead in Cancun, a major tourist centre.

The corpse of Rodrigo Rodriguez, who predicted at the time of the death of pop star Michael Jackson, was found in the morning of August 27 the office of a sorcerer. The man died from gunshot wounds. Rodriguez was shot in the head. The body of the astrologer discovered after customers nearby restaurants complained about the stench emanating from his office.

Rodriguez became famous due to the fact that began to make predictions regarding the life of famous Mexican people. He regularly participated in various TV shows and planned events for the next few months.

In October, the astrologer was about to fly to Spain to unravel the mysteries of the future members of the Royal family. Rodriguez himself said that this is an important step in his career.

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