In the North of Spain train derailed

A passenger train derailed in Galicia, Northern Spain. Local police said that the tragedy of the injured, a large number of people, killing three.

September 9, a few cars of the train derailed at about 09:30 local time near the station, Porrino. According to some data, were injured 12 people. The dead included the driver – the citizen of Portugal.

According to the preliminary version, the train, EN route from Vigo to Porto via Valenca-do-Minho, could face the overpass.

As reported by the company-the operator of Railways Adif, after the derailment of a train in Porrino railway communication in the direction of Pontevedra – TUI – Portugalia was suspended. On the train, according to the operator, at the time of the incident there were 60 passengers.

At the scene working ambulance crews, firefighters from Bajo miño Vigo, protection of the environment and security staff.

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