In the United States because of the toxic cloud injured 102 people

In the U.S. state of Kansas due to the errors of the employees of the company MGP Ingredients Inc. for the production of alcoholic beverages there was an emission of toxic substances.

As a result, the city was covered with a cloud of acrid fumes and 102 people were injured.

The incident occurred around 8 a.m. Friday in the city of Atchison. Staff mistakenly mixed hypochlorous sodium and sulfuric acid in the tank. A chemical reaction led to the formation of a gas cloud over the city.

Authorities evacuated about 11 thousand residents of the city due to poisonous fumes. 72 of the victims were residents of Atchison, another 30 live in the surrounding areas. They were all taken to local hospitals, where they received the necessary assistance.

Now the content of harmful substances in the air in the city has returned to normal.

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