In the US, a helicopter crashed with an alien on board

The stranger had to tell people who they were, who they were created for and what. A private helicopter crashed in New York on Sunday, March 11th. On board, according to some conspiracy theorists, there was a messenger from outer space.

All the passengers in the helicopter were heading to a conference during which the secret of aliens could be revealed.

Interestingly, invitations to this closed event from a non-existent e-mail address came to scientists and journalists in 2017. In them, mysterious organizers reported that the stranger would hold a conference on the life of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Alas, it did not take place. Four organizers and a humanoid were killed when the helicopter fell. A miraculously surviving pilot, according to a self-appointed reporter for The New York Times, fled because of fear of harassment by the authorities.

The accident is investigated under the stamp “Top Secret”, the journalist added, referring to a source in the police department of New York. It was an action of intentional destruction of passengers, among whom was an alien, the reporter said.


At least five people were killed as a result of the helicopter crash in New York. Such data was reported by the NY1 channel, referring to its own sources.

Earlier, the press secretary of the mayor of the city Eric Phillips on his page in Twitter reported the death of at least two people, recalls RIA Novosti.

As specified by the US Federal Aviation Administration, the helicopter Eurocopter AS350 crashed into the East River near the island of Roosevelt on the evening of March 11. There is no information on the reasons for what happened, Tass reports.

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