In Yellowstone, the tourist cook in a hot spring

In Yellowstone national Park in the United States the man fell in a geyser. 23-year-old hiker stumbled, passing through the specially laid path, and fell into a hot spring in the basin of Norris geyser.

As CNN reported, an accident occurred on June 7, however, the body of a tourist has not yet managed to get from the source. Victim Colin Nathaniel Scott, a native of Portland (Oregon) and visited the Park with her sister. The incident occurred in front of her.

The chief of the Park Dan Wenk commented, Recalling that tourists should be careful while visiting the reserve. “This tragic incident should remind everyone that you need to follow the rules and only go on special tracks, when I visit the geysers”, – he said.

The place where he died tourist Park guide calls the area with the most hot springs in all of Yellowstone. Water in underground sources is heated to 205 degrees Celsius, and then breaks out.

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