Interplanetary spacecraft Starship exploded during testing

On December 9, SpaceX tested the Starship spacecraft – the most payload rocket in the history of space exploration.

The device successfully lifted, performed a coup maneuver with precise flap control, according to the company’s website. After that, he went down. However, due to the low pressure in one of the fuel tanks, Starship rushed to the ground at too high a speed. A bright green flame burst out of the nozzle, an explosion occurred, and the ship, falling, crashed. SpaceX called the landing not only hard but exciting.

Earlier, the head of the company, Elon Musk, noted that the chances of a successful test are one in three. He noted the successful ascent of the interplanetary rocket, switching to fuel tanks, precise control of the vehicle’s movements until landing. All of this is an invaluable data set from a single test.

“Mars, we are on our way !!” – assured Elon Musk, summing up the tests.

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