Ryanair aircraft crash

During the flight from Dublin to Croatian Zadar on board the plane company Ryanair happened PE. For unknown reasons, the aircraft began to lose altitude sharply. As a result, in seven minutes the plane dropped from 11,300 meters to 3,000.

As a result of PE, 33 passengers of FR7312 were injured (there were 189 people on the plane). The plane made an emergency landing in Frankfurt, the injured – some with bleeding from the ears – were hospitalized.

“We boarded, we flew, and suddenly – oxygen masks fell from above, 15 minutes we remained in total darkness, there were no ads, only people could hear people screaming,” says eyewitness Sarah McGarry. “There were children and a newborn baby on board , people shouted, for 15 minutes we did not know what was happening, then we were informed that we are going to Germany. ”

After the incident, passengers told that they were left at the airport without help: they were not given enough food and water, they had to sleep right on the floor or on cots. In Ryanair, in turn, promised to provide the affected rooms in hotels, but warned of a shortage of seats.

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