The crash of the helicopter Mi-8 on Yamal

The crash of the helicopter Mi-8 in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district was due to adverse weather conditions. The cause of the disaster, which claimed the lives of 19 people, could be the icing of the blades.

The flight was performed in adverse weather conditions, characterized by low cloudiness, precipitation of snowfall, gusts of wind. The temperature in the area of flight – minus 5 – minus 8 degrees. The Mi-8 helicopter crashed in Yamal, was in good condition, passed the necessary preflight preparation in accordance with established procedure and maintenance.


The Mi-8 helicopter carrying employees of the contractor along the route of the Suzunskoye field at Novy Urengoy, on the evening of 21 October made a hard landing 80 km North-West of the settlement of Urengoy. On Board were 22 people, 19 of them, including three crew members, died. Three victims were hospitalized, their lives are not in danger.

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