The goose de-energized the American city

Gus de-energized the American city and paid for it with life. The incident occurred in the city of Muskegon, Michigan.

The camera of the car registrar of one of the local residents recorded a bright flash and a fall onto the road of the dead bird. Representatives of the energy company explained that the unfortunate goose probably touched an air electric wire with a voltage of 7200 volts.

Because of the accident, the nearest substation disconnected, and residents of Muskigon lost their light for 5 hours.

Animals have often been the cause of power cuts, and fortunately, not always these stories have a sad end. So, in France, the family of storks made a nest on an electric pole and deprived electricity of a thousand consumers. When the accident was eliminated, the birds, as if nothing had happened, continued to make a house out of twigs.

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