10 terrifying space stories

Space flights are incredibly dangerous and require bravery at the level of madness. And it does astronauts and astronauts so cool. Cases of big failures of space starts are known to all of us. Would like to remember Challenger, Colombia or “Apollo 13”. Astronauts and astronauts very often are in serious danger to the life, however the majority of similar cases, as a rule, remains in the history shadow. Today we will talk about ten little-known terrifying and tragic stories connected with space, space starts, astronauts and astronauts.

Closed in vacuum

On March 18, 1965 historical start into an orbit of Earth of the Rising-2 spacecraft took place. Mission objective: extravehicular activity first in the history. The control of the spaceship was entrusted to astronauts Alexey Leonov and Pavel Belyaev. Flight was followed by numerous problems, but the most dangerous of them followed not from the ship, and from a space space suit of Leonov.

Soon after extravehicular activity Leonov understood that something not so. As soon as the astronaut appeared in space vacuum, he felt how its space suit began to be inflated. Gloves were inflated so that made impracticable accomplishment of objectives. Worse there was what inflated a space suit so that it didn’t pass through an air lock, having actually locked the astronaut in lifeless space. In despair Leonov decided to issue some inventory of oxygen for breath to reduce pressure in a space suit. The astronaut understood that in case of failure he will die from a suffocation much quicker. Fortunately, the idea was successful and taught us as it isn’t necessary to do space space suits.

Collision with the Mir station

In June, 1997 the pilotless cargo space ship “Progress” docked with the space station “Mir”. Vasily Tsibliyev who is onboard the station made remote management of “Progress”, being verified with the cameras mounted onboard. Unfortunately, screens of that time transferred not the best picture with not the best feeling of depth of perception. Tsibliyev, unfortunately, understood that the device approaches the station too quickly too late.

The truck “Progress” collided “World”, having damaged one of solar panels of the station, having left a hole in its case and having given to “World” uncontrollable rotation. Fortunately, the astronaut of NASA Mike Foul who was at the station could calculate an optimum trajectory for stabilization of the station and reported about it on radio in control center which far off started engines of “World” and stabilized its situation. The module with the damaged case was isolated to avoid oxygen loss.

Deadly camera of a deprivation

One of the most widespread types of trainings for astronauts is finding in the camera of a sensor deprivation (read: pressure chamber). The person plunges into location or the camera isolated from external influences (light, a sound, a smell) that imitates complete insulation in the conditions of an outer space. As a rule, trainings take several days. This type of trainings isn’t really pleasant, but nevertheless it is considered harmless … except for the case which happened in March, 1961.

Valentin Bondarenko, the 24-year-old Soviet astronaut finished the ten-day finding in the so-called “camera of silence”. It represented the small room with the level of the oxygen pressure corresponding to conditions of the Soviet spacecrafts. Process of a decompression began, and the astronaut began to be going to leave the camera. Bondarenko tried to dissolve glue which fixed to the astronaut’s body electrodes of the device follow-up a status of its organism the cotton wool, wetted in alcohol. After that he carelessly threw out it. Cotton wool got on an incandescent spiral of an electric stove. The room filled with oxygen in a flash turned into the real hell. When the camera was opened, the person survived still. But the left wounds were incompatible with life. 8 hours later Bondarenko died.
Who told that the lightning doesn’t beat twice?

On November 14, 1969 over Centre of space starts of Kennedy heavy clouds hung. That morning the Apollon-12 spaceship prepared for start. Despite warning of weather forecasters, the officials who were responsible for start decided that low cloudiness and a possibility of a thunder-storm won’t affect its success. 36 seconds later from the moment of start people understood how strongly they were mistaken.

In the spaceship gaining height the lightning struck with a sniper shot, having jarred not only astronauts, but also having disconnected the most part of electronics of the ship. People tried to launch in a hurry systems again, but seconds later in the ship the second lightning struck, having cut down now and the remained systems. Astronauts understood that they are at the height of several kilometers above the ground in completely paralyzed ship.

They addressed in command center flights for council, and one young engineer could solve a problem actually one clicking of the switch. A supply was instantly regenerated, and the mission continued without excesses. This engineer was John Aaron who made a serious contribution to rescue of a command of a mission “Apollo 13” later and afterwards became the principal of Space center of Johnson.
Death space suit

Since the beginning of the 60th years of the USA tried to accelerate carrying out testing of various new space technologies to catch up and overtake the USSR in a space race. Two test pilots, the Whitebait Ross and Victor Prater took part in one of such testing. They tested new prototypes of space suits. For check of space suits of people in the balloon lifted in an upper atmosphere.

If not to take several disorders into account, testing took place smoothly. All problems which led finally to this tragedy began in case of return to Earth. After the balloon splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico, couple of testers began to expect the helicopter which shall pick up and take away them home. When the helicopter arrived and dumped cables for a balloon basket pritsepka, Prater slipped. It fell to the Gulf of Mexico, water began to fill in its space suit. The tester rolled in own space suit still until as rescuers could reach it.

Catastrophic crash of the Gemini fighter

The program of flights Gemini helped the USA to enhance various technologies which helped the missions of Apollo to reach the Moon subsequently. However very few people know that this program could be closed because of an incident, the event at all in one February afternoon.

That day team members of Gemini Elliot Sy and Charlie Bassett steered T-38 Talon training aircraft. The duplicative team of Tom Stafford and Gene Sernen accompanied them. Pilots went to the plant of the company McDonnell in St. Louis where creation of the Gemini IX and Gemini X spaceships was made and where they shall pass a training in the simulator. Weather this day was issued disgusting. Visibility was extreme low that very strongly complicated landing.

Stafford and Sernan decided to fly about a landing strip and to choose safer corner for decrease, however SI and Bassett decided not to waste time and started landing. This decision was fatal. The matter is that the landing strip was very close to the factory. Because of the fallen SI fog incorrectly calculated speed and sent the plane straight to the building where assembly of two spacecrafts was made. Unfortunately, both astronauts died, but on cruel irony one of the being under construction devices escaped, and was decided not to close the Gemini program.

Gas chamber “Union Apollo”

On July 17, 1975 there was a joining of Apollo and Soyuz spacecrafts. Both parties have exchanged courtesies and have held joint round on demonstration of the ships. Everything went ideally according to the plan … until Apollo didn’t begin to come back to Earth.

At the time of decrease there were malfunctions to engines and ventilating system of the ship that caused filling of the module with a toxic nitric tetroksid. The team needed to do nothing how to pray and wait for the fastest landing on water therefore they have tried to do everything possible that quicker and without additional problems to put the module, despite the increasing complexity for breath. On a sad twist of fate of business became even worse when the module after landing on water has turned over and by that water has completely blocked system of ventilation.

Fighting against influence of gas and trying to keep consciousness in this toxic fog, the astronaut Tom Stafford has got for members of the team, one of whom has already fainted, masks for breath. The team has soon been saved. Deadly couples have quickly disappeared as soon as the hatch of the module has been open. After this case the team of Apollo had to spend two weeks in hospital.

Accident of the X-15 plane

The American pilot Michael Adams was the outstanding pilot who had outstanding skills. Having deserved by that moment a set of awards for improbable achievements, he became the obvious choice as future astronaut of the program of the piloted orbital laboratory. He has begun trainings as the astronaut, however, when business has begun to smell cancellation of the program, Adams has asked to work in the X-15 project. North American X-15 was the experimental rocket glider operating at heights where pilots including Adams, were considered by officials already as astronauts, but not just pilots.

Polet Adams has begun on November 15, 1967 quite successfully, and everything went according to the plan. But as soon as he has lifted the car up to the height of 80 kilometers, electronics of a rocket glider has failed. As a result within several minutes of X-15 rotated with a speed of 5500 kilometers per hour. Thanks to trainings the pilot could stabilize the supersonic car, but, unfortunately, everything has come to an end in the fact that the rocket glider has got to a hypersonic corkscrew which the pilot couldn’t master. The car crashed into sand of the Californian desert with a speed of 6400 kilometers per hour. The pilot has died instantly.
Space – the place where nobody will hear as you … sink

In July, 2013 astronauts of the International Space Station carried out routine extravehicular activity when one of them has found, to be exact has felt what would never expect to feel in space. The Italian astronaut Luka Parmitano has felt how on his nape water flows.

Puzzled, but nevertheless concentrated on the mission, he has continued work until water didn’t begin to close in literal sense his review in a space suit. He has reported about the event in control center which has demanded immediate termination of work in an outer space. By this moment water has almost completely blinded Parmitano and has begun to get into his nose and a mouth.

Surprisingly, but the person has managed to keep self-control and without panic, actually on memory has reached an air lock independently where crew members have helped it to remove a space suit and to inhale a full breast. Then it has become clear that the failed cooling system which is built in a back part of a helmet of Parmitano is the reason of “the water attack”.

Terrible destiny of Vladimir Komarov

Without doubts, Yury Gagarin was the first person who has visited space. However very few people know about history of his friend and colleague Vladimir Komarov in spite of the fact that this case was not less memorable.

The Soviet Union in honor of the 50th anniversary of world communistic revolution has decided to dock two spacecrafts. Unfortunately, all this has led to what terms of implementation of projects and construction of devices have seriously reduced to be in time to the planned date. As the commander of the first ship have chosen Komarov. He knew that if refuses, then instead of him will send his friend, Gagarin who was his doubler. Komarov has agreed though he, most likely, understood that he won’t come back home any more.

Malfunctions have begun on April 23, 1967 right after “Union-1” with Komarov has been onboard put to orbit. As one of solar panels hasn’t revealed, the ship began to experience power starvation. Flight is had been decided to stop immediately. During decrease the system of disclosure of a parachute has refused. The spare parachute which has left at the height of 1,5 kilometers over a surface not a smog will be filled as his slings were hooked and wound a sling of not shot refused main parachute around. As a result the module has hit against the earth with a speed of 50 meters per second.

According to the official version, Mosquitoes has died from blow about a surface, however, according to information from the listening American stations, the astronaut still some time survived. At blow the container with hydrogen peroxide therefore in the module there was a fire which has almost completely destroyed him has been damaged, having actually evaporated the astronaut alive.

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