A huge underground city explore in Turkey

These caves under the mosque and Byzantine castle was once part of a huge underground city. He was on the territory of contemporary Turkish province of Nevsehir. Scientists say it is the largest of its kind discovered in Turkey. Several millennia ago it could live up to 30 thousand people.

According to some historians, the cities began to build the Phrygian tribes in VIII-VII centuries BC. Their original purpose is unknown. But later people used the underground cities to hide from enemies.

Another reason – the soil. This soft tufa, which is very easy to do deepening, and which quickly hardens upon contact with air.

Mevlüt Coskun a, an anthropologist:

“One reason why these people preferred to live under the earth – soil quality, which is very easy to do deepening. Instead of somewhere to take the stone and build the house, it was easier to cut the house out of stone”.

The city goes back at least to the 8 levels is more than 50 meters. Here was the dwelling, ventilation shafts, wells, stables, kitchens, bakeries, granaries and even a cemetery.

For excavations and preparation of the area to tourists will take about a year. As expected, Nevsehir open for visitors in 2017.

It should be noted that the Cappadocia region was found and the other underground cities. One of them, Derinkuyu is open to tourists from the 60-ies of the last century.

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