A mysterious warship was discovered at Matua Island

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Russian Geographical Society continue the study of the Kuril Islands, the mystery of Matua. This time, experts discovered a military ship of mysterious origin.

A joint expedition of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian Geographical Society continues on the island of Matula in the Kuril Islands. The island, which during the Second World War was inaccessible military base of Japan, keeps a lot of mysteries, some of which have already been solved by researchers.

This time the expedition managed to find a sunken warship. Specialists of the RGO found an unknown item at the bottom, after which a group of divers took up the case.

According to the first assumptions, the object was to be the Japanese ship “Roi Maru”, torpedoed by the Americans during the war. However, on closer inspection it became clear that the expedition had found a German ship from the bottom.

“It used to be that it was” Roi Maru “. Now we see that the ship is clearly German. But very often the situation when a ship that served in one country was transferred or sold to another country, where, naturally, another name was given. Therefore, it is possible that the notorious “Roi Maru” was at the birth of “Augsburg”, “said Sergei Fokin, Executive Director of the Center for Underwater Research of the Russian State Geological Society.

Specialists of the Russian Geographical Society have already begun work on clarifying the fate of the ship. The inscription “Augsburg” – the so-called armored decker German cruiser, handed over to Japan as reparations in 1920 – is clearly visible on the nameplate. The researchers intend to appeal to German colleagues who are known for their accurate attitude to the archives in order to clarify the origin of the vessel.

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