A virtual tour offers a journey inside an Egyptian tomb

Now you can see the 5000-year-old interior of the tomb of Queen Meresanh III without leaving home.

Since traveling abroad is now almost impossible due to the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of incredible historical sites around the world have remained completely empty.

However, not everything is lost, because the blockage has encouraged tourism tips to create and share free virtual tours online so that people can enjoy these objects without leaving their own home.

This week, the Egyptian Tourism Council opened the tomb of Queen Meresanh III for everyone with a free virtual tour that allows you to walk through its interior from your Internet browser.

Excavated in 1927 by Harvard archaeologist George Andrew Reisner, the tomb belonged to Meresanch III, the granddaughter of Cheops, who built the Great Pyramid in Giza.

You can check the tomb here.

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