Ancient astronauts

Ancient artifacts depicting gods from the stars”. Thousands of years ago the appearance of astronauts, who arrived to Earth in space ships was perceived as the coming of deity to Earth and the ancients have left us their portraits.

Give written Catherine Langlo-Parker the myth of the Australian aborigines, a story about the origin of the constellation the southern Cross: “In the beginning of time, heavenly Lord created two men and one woman, teaching them to eat plants. When the drought came, the first people began to starve.

One of the men killed opossum. He and the woman began to eat the animal’s meat, another man, in spite of all persuasion, did not touch the unfamiliar food, although he was mortally hungry. After a quarrel with his friends, he went into the sunset”. His companions were soon finished the meal and went after him. “Approaching the edge of the valley, they saw a fellow on the other side of the river. They shouted to him to stop, but he paid no attention to them and continued walking until he came to a large white eucalyptus.

Here he dropped dead on the ground, and beside him the people saw a black creature with two fiery eyes. It raised a dead man to a tree and threw it into the hollow. Slowly through the valley, the people heard this deafening clap of thunder that struck, fell to the ground. Climbing up, they saw with surprise that the giant eucalyptus tree ripped from the ground and carried by air to the South side of the sky. They noticed fiery eyes, sparkling from the tree… ” Finally the tree stopped about Warrambool, or the milky Way that leads there, where the gods in heaven. As the tree disappeared from sight, and only four glittering fiery eyes seen people. Two belonged to the spirit of death Yovi, the other two were the eyes of the first dead person”.

Langlo-Parker adds: “For the tribes of this part of the country, southern Cross is still known as Aran do place white eucalyptus..” Here’s a story supposedly happened with the ancestors of the indigenous inhabitants of the Australian continent. Don’t you think that the second part of this myth portrays is not some mythical event that stands vividly before the eyes of his contemporaries of the space age? Imagine: walking down a deserted area three, and suddenly see in the distance something high, straight, bright. “The big white gum tree” — how else could you describe the Australian aborigines a rocket standing at launch? A particularly valuable indication of the colour, because the casing space missiles do cover (for insulation) white paint. One of the Australians, coming close to the launch pad, whether from hunger, whether from fear of losing consciousness, and a member of the crew pulls him through the door (“hollow”) to your ship. .

The rocket launched. And a terrible roar, and the flying of a tree (accuracy of image comparison in this situation could be enhanced by the resemblance of the flames on the end of the rocket with powerful roots) — all plunged unwitting audiences in a state of shock. They, however, noticed and reported then his countrymen one more thing for us, perhaps, the key: instead of the missing rocket away in the sky broke out four glowing dots, which resembled the four bright stars of the southern cross. It is this spectacle was watched and witnessed the launches of “Vostok”, “Sunrise” and “Unions”! Four stars is four separated, but not yet finished work of the first stage engine of the rocket, arranged in the so-called batch scheme. As we can see this in the myth of “eucalyptus” down to the smallest detail, coincides with the real picture of the launch of the spacecraft.

Where in those days can take the rocket, made according to the batch scheme — it is not able to fly beyond the moon? From another planet? But before you take off, this design should sit down — and that’s a multistage “batch” rocket do not know how. On the other hand, to explain this myth borrowing parts from the modern world will, I think, an even worse decision, especially considering that it is recorded much earlier than the emergence of space rockets. Therefore, either this is a coincidence, or… we should recognize the prophetic words of Velimir Khlebnikov: “the birthplace of creativity — the future. There came the wind of gods word.” The question of human origins is one of the most difficult questions we can imagine, despite the fact that the main line of evolution of its mon-napodobii ancestors worked more or less details. However, the picture that has developed to date, there are a number of things that can cast doubt all these graceful build, and here on some of these moments let me focus Your attention. First- none were found in the excavations creatures (except, maybe homo habilis, “skillful man”, whose age is about two and a half million years) is not our direct ancestor. And Australopithecus and Sinanthropus, and Neanderthal man and many others — all of them descendants of the late “dead end branches” — branches in the development of human ancestors.

There are serious doubts in our relationship with the “Homo habilis”. That is true, our ancestors — “transitional links” from APE to man, and was not found. Moreover, if you look closely, such as the Neanderthals, it is clear that they do not develop over time, but rather degraded… later on Neanderthals are from modern man than the earlier ones. Secondly, man differs from all known Primate chromosome number is a very significant change. We can assume that the point where the number of chromosomes has changed and there is a point of transition from APE to man.

Further, this change tion of the hereditary apparatus must be accompanied by a significant change in the structure of the body. Needless to say that traces of such beings is not found. And finally, thirdly, the most ancient traces of life on Earth human beings recorded much earlier than on earth, the first primates. In 1931, the American geologist G. Burr reported about the human foot prints in layers, whose age is 250 million years.

He made pictures show that where leg had to sand more pressure, the structure of the awa-nick changed. We can imagine how this could happen THEN, 250 mil-lion years ago – the foot just stepped on the wet sand, and grains of sand under the heel pressed harder under the fingers, but it’s hard to imagine how unknown hoaxer, according to many geologists faked prints, managed to change the structure of the already fossilized Sandstone.

Later the same G. Burr reported the discovery of ten more such traces a few miles from mount Vernon . In line with Plexeraser (TX) K. Daugherty unearthed many traces of di-Nazarov various types and near them numerous prints of human feet belonging to the same, Cretaceous, period. In one place it seems, even that man who was stalking a dinosaur In 1983, similar prints were found in Turkmenistan.

Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan K. Amanniyazov says: “…the Sun burns harder, frozen giant footprints in the stone expanse of the plateau leads us further. Most are three-toed and belong, ViDi-MOMA, the dinosaurs that walked the uncured soil shallow waters — signs of the waves on the surface cleanonly site is well preserved. Here walked mostly bipedal lizards belonging to the subclass archosaur. Every trail we carefully describe, measure and take pictures. Their sizes in the various lines vary.

The largest have a length 86 and a width 73 see Small — respectively 23 and 21 cm Average length of a step 220, the smallest — 105 cm. — However evenly Chagall, ” says Plutalov. Traces in the lines located almost at equal distance from each other. — There is another curious detail, ” I say. — Look, almost all traces of stronger pressed the fingers rather than the heel. This leads us to believe that the animal was moving rather quickly.

But then my attention was drawn not very clear small dent on the plateau just to the side chains of dinosaur footprints, which stretch parallel to them. One look at the dents was enough to understand — these traces do not belong to the lizards. But then to whom? However, one of the chains, the most distinct, kind of looked… I looked puzzled at the silent officers and guess what they think about the same — the fossilized footprint was remarkably similar to trail.the bare human foot. No, better to say — foot humanoid creature. — Length twenty-six inches, — measuring mark, said Vitaly. Approximately forty-third size shoes, ” says Oleg. — So, not much of a growth… don’t forget to take a picture, — I stop them. — Too early to draw conclusions. Our ancestors, the contemporaries of the dinosaurs? I couldn’t take my eyes off of this trail. Forefoot width 10 cm well-defined, there are round holes resembling toes: the thumb, index, middle… In the middle of the foot right foot narrowing, the heel is rounded with a width of 5 cm, we Found other traces, their length reached 30 cm, heels were narrower, and she stops wide.

And the thumb was long, and the rest decreased in the direction of the little finger. Yes, if traces do belong to a humanoid creature, the history of mankind will be limited to 5 or 10 and 150 million years… …for Us to draw any conclusions were premature. On the study of single traces to come to conclusions is dangerous. But we believed that traces of strange creatures will be found. And our hopes were justified. 11 may 1987 the mountain together with geologist by Zagorodniy we examined the site of Sary-Kaya-East. Here for the first time and found traces of the “humanoid” creatures, its right and left legs. The depth of their indentation in the ground was quite impressive — more than 6 cm, and the distance from the heel of the left foot to the phalangeal portion of the right was almost 80 cm Apparently, a big man it was “humanoid” and could VME-STE with his relatives to fight with dinosaurs. Luck inspired us, and the next day we conducted a detailed mapping of the sites of Sary-Kaya.

The results were stunning, although the site is located 2 km to the West of Central and is much higher on the slope. But here we counted about 1000 marks in numerous “walking” the chain. Lunch was studied 15 chains, but when I moved to the next, we were overwhelmed by the confusion — long giant footprints shaped like a pumpkin or light bulb. Call them traces of “human-like” creatures would be too bold, however, to attribute these strange prints to traces of dinosaurs, I also could not: in form they differed greatly from the previously known. And at the same time, it is impossible to refer them to the category of accidental.

These “pumpkins” are very much in the majority they are pronounced and extend for tens of meters. Only in the sixteenth set of footprints “humanoid” we found 38 fingerprints of unknown origin, three others — over 30 tracks. But if the footprints left by the dinosaurs and not our “humanoid”, then what? Was over what to break a head. Finds the next two days and did put us into a dead end. Rising higher on the slope of the ridge, we unexpectedly discovered a new site with the chain traces of “humanoid”, and together with them and strange “pumpkin”, which, no doubt, already be called gigantic.

To describe each track we shared on the top — phalangeal and the lower heel. Basically the length of the imprint was 66 see Half this distance or more, had on the heel, a width of 13 cm, But was most impressed with the step length a mysterious being from 18O to 210 see Such giants could really engage in combat with the dinosaurs! But the lack of fingerprint marks suggested that the unknown creature could not relate to a humanoid. Unknown species of dinosaurs? When I told about the preliminary results academician V. E. Heino, he jokingly suggested to call creatures anthroposphere. I think, to find out who owns these strange footprints, dinosaur, or other unknown giant — task for the nearest future.

So we found cleanosol area we call Hope. Short reports on the findings of traces of “humanoid” flashed on the pages of major Newspapers, and after a while I got from the US the following letter: Dear ladies and gentlemen! In the Sydney Gazette of 27 November 1983, published a TASS report that in Turkmenistan found about 1,500 imprints of dinosaur footprints. Along with the footprints of dinosaurs found imprints resembling human footprints. Members of our geological group in 1983 near Glen Rose (Texas, USA) excavated the footprints of man and dinosaur. Traces were detected under the 40-centimeter layer of chalk and clay (marl) at a distance of two meters from each other. The size of the traces, see Human dinosaur Length 28 41 front Width of the track Width of heel 10.5 31 7 tapering Depth 1.9 3.8 Length of the thumb 5.75 20 Remark: other 4 imprint of a dinosaur was flat.

This summer our group is going to continue the excavations, and, if you are interested in the results, we will inform you additionally. Given the above, we would be very interested to learn more about your discovery and research in this area in exchange for the information you need about our discoveries.

I hope that the exchange of such information will be mutually beneficial and very fruitful. With respect… ” Some scholars try to explain these footprints by the footprints of bipedal dinosaurs whose foot like a human foot. Unfortunately (for these theories) this explanation loses all meaning, if we consider a trail to follow because the steps reptiles have completely different dynamics, the ratio of pitch to the length of the foot, and the load distribution of the foot on the ground they have a different… So experienced in such matters, paleontologists have not led such an explanation is even possible. Interrupting for a time the consideration of the facts, I would like to present You the CONJECTURE intended these facts to explain. It might seem strange to You, but I already said that to sort out the facts and “accepted” theories, these facts explain, sprinkling it all with enthusiasm about how much is still not known to us and calls to “fight and search for” I have no desire. Now, listen. To imagine that man originated somewhere in the Mesozoic and had their ancestors to the dinosaurs, personally I can’t.

Reptiles are a completely different organization, though, even that some of the dinosaurs were probably viviparous, and even teplokrov-governmental, despite the fact that some birds are the closest descendants of reptiles — are able to produce a substance resembling milk of mammals — all the same difference IU-waiting for them is huge. But other possible candidates for the role of the ancestors of mankind in the past centuries there is simply no — no in the Mesozoic or Paleozoic. We don’t have any other option but the assumption that human homeland, not the Land. In this case, are explained many oddities that we have already considered and which we shall consider. In fact, assuming an external, divine origin of man, we can easily explain the fact that traces of his stay is found in many eras, and these findings have no apparent connection with each other.

The earth as a habitable planet probably to colonize people many times. I do not exclude (there are facts supporting this opinion, and in his time I will give them) that the Space can be quite densely inhabited by humans, biologically indistinguishable from us. I can argue that man is by nature a mammal, and it is very similar to other mammals is so similar that it made the natural hypothesis of its origin from terrestrial primates. It will be the strongest argument not in favor of the proposed hypothesis, but the argument is almost the only one. Let’s try this argument to reject. First of all, despite the fact that people very similar to other mammals, it is still different from them, and differs so greatly that there are serious doubts, what do you think of similarities or differences.

Long been known that on the microelement composition of their tissues man differs from other animals — the difference is small, but it’s there. In addition, man is the only mammalian biped bipedal (not counting the legendary “Bigfoot”, which is also included in treated revelou hypothesis). And finally, the most important thing is that the man has something that has no mammal, no animal of the Earth — he has a MIND, a quality that lifts it many orders of magnitude on the scale of organization of a living mother. Agree, this is more than significant differences. As for the chemical part of our fabrics is very appropriate for the ground conditions, it is likely tailored to the environment of artificially — hardly a race capable of interstellar flights will leave on another planet long-term colony of people, and poorly adapted to the environment…

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