Ancient civilizations in Bolivia

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has discovered new ancient buildings on the territory of the Tiwanaku Archaeological Complex, located 15 km from Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic, in their work the researchers used a drone and a space satellite.

According to the UNESCO archaeologist Jose Ignacio Gallegos, the experts, in particular, have spotted a large building under the ground, which probably was a temple. They also found out that the Puma Punku temple, located on the territory of the complex, is almost twice as large as archaeologists thought. The latest data showed that there are two more levels of the building under the ground.

In addition, experts have discovered several more large buildings and more than a hundred small ones. According to researchers, small round and rectangular buildings in the vicinity of Tiwanaku were residential buildings. Archaeologists also inflicted several ancient roads on the plan of the complex and determined the approximate boundaries of the pre-Columbian city.

In addition, photographs of the satellite found ancient granaries, which indicates that despite the harsh climate, agriculture flourished here.

UNESCO began work on drawing up a detailed map of Tiwanaku and developing a plan for further research on the ruins in May last year. Archaeologists, in particular, wanted, with the help of pictures taken by a drone and a companion, to find out what the probability is that undetected ancient buildings still remain under the ground. Now specialists are engaged in planning new excavations.

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