Ancient crystal radio transmitter found inside a stone turtle in Cambodia

Archaeologists have discovered some very strange artifacts in the ancient Angkor temple complex by the Sra Srang basin in Cambodia.

Sra Srang is a huge lake (700×300 m) with a graceful terrace, characterized by ideal proportions and dimensions.

A majestic platform leads to the pond. It is built of laterite and has sandstone moldings. This cruciform platform is equipped with kite-shaped balustrades, and lions sit on either side.

In front of the platform, there is a huge figure of Garuda riding a three-headed snake. In the back, you can observe the figure of a mythical creature: it is a three-headed serpent, the lower part of the body of which belongs to Garuda, and its tail is decorated with small snake heads. The body of the serpent rests on a platform supported by mythical monsters.

It was here that archaeologists unearthed two stone turtles, but both had one oddity – the first had a square, and the second had a triangular niche, tightly closed on top with perfectly fitted covers.

Archaeologists have discovered this stone statue as a container. Inside is a large rectangular hole that contained a strange gelatinous substance.

Archaeologists took a small sample of this gel to find out what it is. What is this gel? And why was it placed in this stone vessel and why was it buried in the temple premises?

Experts confirm that these stone turtles are at least 1000 years old, but may be much older.

The second stone turtle, which was also buried in the mud, has a triangular lid on its body. And what the archaeologists have found inside is shocking. They found neatly polished quartz crystals.

They found hundreds of neatly polished quartz crystals that were placed in a triangular niche in the statue.

Once they were discovered, the locals began to come in large numbers and pray because they felt a strange energy emanating from them. Cambodians are very spiritual people and they performed all kinds of rituals with these artifacts and crystals.

But is it just spiritual energy radiating from them, or is there science behind it all? I mean, why did the ancient builders carve hundreds of crystalline quartz stones, polish them and cherish them?

Today we use the same material in semiconductors for transistors, integrated circuits, the first radio communication devices we used were made entirely of crystalline quartz. Is it possible that the ancient builders used some kind of radio communication device?

But inside the turtle container, they found something even stranger. Thin bronze wires found. Archaeologists are confused by this, and they simply ignore it, saying that these are just threads used for religious purposes. Bronze threads are never used in any Hindu or Buddhist ritual, it is unheard of.

These are bronze wires, and the ancient builders used them for a different reason. Bronze is not a metal, it is an alloy made up of several metals such as copper and tin, and the ancient builders turned them into thin wires. What other use could there be for these bronze wires besides some electrical or electronic purpose?

Is it just a coincidence that they found crystal quartz and bronze wire side by side? Look at the crystal radios we used decades ago, they were simple devices made from wires and crystal quartz. I mean, only the antenna is missing, and they could make a crystal radio device out of these objects and start receiving signals.

Archaeologists have also found strange metal objects of very high quality that have little or no damage. Despite being buried for so long, there were no signs of rust or decay on them. Is it possible that these high quality metal rods with three prongs sticking out in the air were used as antennas for radio communications in ancient times?

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