Ancient people used fire 50,000 years earlier than scientists thought

The ancient people of Europe used fire for cooking, heating and protection at least 250 thousand years ago, which is 50 thousand years earlier than previously thought. Reported by Heriot-Watt University.

The research team found traces of fire at the Valdocarros II site near Madrid. Chemical analysis of coals showed that people purposefully selected firewood with a small amount of smoke and with a large heat release. Clayton Magill, an archaeologist, reports that the nature of the flame marks indicates that people controlled the fire and surrounded it with something, such as a house or sleeping area, living room, kitchen or animal pen.

In the next phase of the project, the research team will examine the stone tools found near the fire pits to determine if they were used for making fires or butchering meat.

This discovery will change our understanding of how ancient people used fire and how quickly they mastered new technologies. Previously, scientists believed that people in Europe mastered the fire 200 thousand years ago. However, new evidence indicates that ancient humans were more advanced than we thought.

The use of fire was one of the most important achievements of ancient man. Not only did it provide heat and light, but it also provided the ability to cook food, which increased nutrient availability and improved survival. In addition, fire was used to protect against wild animals and other dangers.

‚ÄúThis discovery shows that ancient people were much more advanced than we thought. They used fire not only for cooking, but also for protection and warmth. This was one of the most important achievements of ancient man.”

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