The secrets of the “City of the dead”

An amazing discovery has completed excavations of the archaeological expedition in North Ossetia. In Dargavs, scientists have discovered the Christian cross with the image of the virgin. Experts attribute the artifact to the 8th century ad. And that finding is not the only one. Archaeologists have studied nearly a hundred of the catacombs, and found them in the garments, household, jewelry.

Dargavskaya basin – the gorge stretches among the foothills of the Central Caucasus almost 16 kilometers. People really have long chosen these places. Among many historical and ethnographic monuments located here, one, perhaps, has become the hallmark of this beautiful part of North Ossetia.

“The city of the dead” – so called this necropolis, built over 5 centuries ago. The complex consists of 95 buildings. This overhead and underground crypts built by one party in a mountainside Ramenerai. With mystical architectural ensemble involves a lot of mysteries. Still nobody can say why the deceased were buried in wooden boats, because the large reservoirs are many miles away.

Ruslan Juliati, doctor of historical Sciences, head of archaeological expedition: “Imported things, for example, the most interesting, which gives us the date is the 8th and 9th century are glass finger rings. In the Caucasus a lot of them did, particularly in Georgia. Did bracelets glass. Dating is determined by things, or coin.

In front of the place more than 20 years carrying out excavations Dargavskaya archaeological expedition. During this time, were found many artifacts. Some of them will be exposition of the new Museum, which is built next to an unusual necropolis.

Surprising is not only the variety found here but their geography. Chinese silk, Syrian glass, Byzantine coins, amber from the regions of the Baltic States – this is not a complete list of unique things that were under the earth for many centuries.

Elbrus Kargiev, employee dargavskaya archaeological expedition. “This land and this valley – it is so strategically located that could control how the Georgian Military highway, and other saddle road. And, in fact, supervised, accompanied, it’s got some kind of tribute. And this material is here presented, here, in this cemetery”.

This season has brought the archaeologists a real surprise. In one of the catacombs they found items that belonged to Alan the woman of a noble family. Next to the piece of fabric lay beads, earrings and nagachika. In modern parlance, this cosmetic set those times. But the most amazing was the finding of a Christian cross with the picture of Mary and baby.

Aslan Tsutsiev, candidate of historical Sciences. “Find this interesting because for the chronology of this monument to 8-9 century finds Christian crosses are extremely rare. Anyway, on the territory of Ossetia while we a find can’t remember. Although I’ll have to look further literature.

Interestingly, the artifact was found in a day when all Orthodox Christians mark one of twelve main Christian holidays devoted to the virgin Mary.

Now this cross has acquired its original appearance after he was buried under a layer of earth for over 1000 years. It is also interesting that at the ends it is the image of the saints. Whose are these images and made of what material the cross should be explored by the experts.

During the work, archaeologists have discovered 93 the catacombs. However, experts believe that here, on an area of over 40 hectares, of these graves in the hundreds. Further excavations will give an interesting and rich material on life and culture of the people of Alan, which is associated with many unsolved mysteries and legends.

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