Civilization came out of the ground?

There are many versions about the origin of humanity, in addition to the traditional Darwinian theory of evolution of primates. A very popular theory that we are descendants of aliens, hybrids of aliens and ancient aborigines, or even artificially bred the same alien species. But there’s another hypothesis — the “underground”…

“Crazy” Professor

The founder of this theory was not some UFO-enthusiast, and eminent scientist, geologist, corresponding member of several academies Michael Buruncuk. It happened in the distant 1927.

In his works Professor Baranchuk wrote that life did not come from the ocean of the Archean era, and from the hot bowels of the Earth. And only part of the earth’s civilization lives on the planet’s surface: there are still inhabitants of the caves, which he called “igneous beings.” According to the researcher, these underground residents have been able to withstand the high temperature of hot magma… Michael Baranchuk also claimed that they can ascend to the surface and even fly through the air… they leave you on the sidelines of the mysterious circles, which in our time is often associated with UFOs and aliens.

It is clear that colleagues this kind of theory is not accepted. The Professor tacitly declared insane and was quickly retired. Settling in the small village of Kostenki Voronezh province, he continued his studies. Soon he had a like — minded local teacher Solomon Nappert actively interested in archeology, myths and legends. Solomon Meffert told Michael Baranchuk about the mysterious people — “Chud”.

In the Urals and in Western Siberia there are many legends about the tribe of dark-skinned people possessing magical powers. It’s as if they built underground cities and live there still. Sometimes in caves and mountain tunnels find their tracks. And some people even had a chance to visit the underground cities of the country Tschudi, which they then told amazing things. According to one version, Chud lived in the Altai, on the territory of modern Kolyvan, was mined there ore. Part of it was to be melted down and used to make weapons and some other mysterious things. The rest ore just scattered around. When this region began to go and see the king’s messengers, the Chud went under the earth: “the earth closed over them”. According to another version, Chud was inhabited by the Upper Pechora.

The disappearance in the cave

But Michael Buruncuk was obsessed with finding the “igneous beings.” First he built a balloon, which is due to the constant heating could be in the sky, and thus the chances to meet guests from the ground increased. However, the local authorities confiscated the camera, explaining that the flights need to get approval.

Then the Professor began to wander the caves, even slept there, wrapped in a bearskin. Once Michael Buruncuk and Solomon Nappert two men went to the cave called “White sun”, located in Divnogorie, — and they were never seen again…

Kittery and Snowden

Many years later some of the statements Michael Buranyi was found indirect confirmation. So, I managed to capture on video the strange creatures that were impossible to see with the naked eye. For example, in 1994, journalist and researcher Jose Escamilla filmed long and thin objects cigar-shaped and cylindrical forms, which he called “Darts”. Subsequently, in different parts of the world were recorded floating in the air “creatures” in all kinds of shapes — geometric, spiral, serpentine. Some of them had some kind of wings or fins, others were similar to centipedes… their Sizes ranged from a few centimeters to hundreds of meters in length. It turned out that “deep” they are in the water. Moved Kittery (as they later became known) with great speed, had the ability to pulsate and change your body could freely pass through solid objects and even the human body, and disappear in a flash… Often they can be observed in the infrared range. Maybe this is the “magmatic creatures”, leaving on the permanent place of his habitation?

The facts about the existence of the underground civilization announced ufologists infamous Edward Snowden. According to him, he was able to copy a number of documents in the possession of the CIA. If you believe them, “flying saucers” belong to the members of advanced races living under the earth. This race originated billions of years ago and significantly ahead of humanity in evolution. Area of its habitat — the Earth’s mantle, where conditions remain stable for billions of years…

In General, it is possible that Michael Buruncuk all was right, at least in some things. But it is clear that the official science hardly acknowledges the existence of these “parallel” civilizations. Anyway, coming soon…

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