Crete found antique sculpture of perfect beauty

Heavy rains raging in recent days in Ierapetra (Crete), have led to the exit surface marble… priceless treasures! It happened in one of January days. 30-year-old farmer Michalis Bahlitzanakis was driving his car a few kilometers West of Ierapetra, when I noticed the stream of water that tried to cross, something which attracted his attention.

As he told the farmer, “I stopped the car on the roadside and went down into the ravine to examine the strange white object that was visible in the murky water. When I neared and saw the ancient sculpture of perfect beauty, the lost gift of speech.”

Deep in rainwater subject was a female marble head of Roman (preliminary data) times with elaborate hairstyle. Recovering himself, the young Cretan decided to give a boon to archaeologists, immediately contact your local archaeological service.

The archaeologists themselves were no less amazed by the perfection of the sculpture and its excellent state of conservation, expressing gratitude to the young man for his actions. According to a preliminary assessment of archaeologists, the sculpture of the Roman period, or decorated someone’s Palace, or was used as a tombstone. A complicated hairstyle on the head of the Roman aristocrat allows to date the find III-m V.

As noted by the head of the local Inspectorate of antiquities at the Chryse, in the territory of Ierapetra never was. Soon the sculpture will be carefully studied, restored and exhibited in the Archaeological collection of Ierapetra.

Note that near the modern town of Ierapetra in ancient times flourished the ancient city Ierapytna. Many of its archaeological treasures still lie in the ground, periodically “going out” to the surface.

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