Declassified documents of the CIA confirm the existence of “flying saucers” of the Third Reich

Declassified CIA files indicate that the Nazis had disk-shaped aircraft capable of developing a speed of 4000 kilometers per hour, developed in the last days of World War II.

Declassified US CIA documents show that the intelligence agency was investigating in search of Adolf Hitler’s advanced technology. Nazi flying saucers appear twice in the CIA documents as part of investigations into the UFO phenomenon.

Earlier, the fact that the US staged a race for the secret technologies of the Nazis including “Flying Saucers” was categorically denied. It is worth noting that unofficial sources have repeatedly claimed that similar technologies were used by the Nazis and even more, these aircraft were able to fly in outer space and even mentioned that the Nazis landed on the moon.

The new documents show that the Nazis had a flying saucer capable of reaching heights of over 12,400 meters in three minutes – at a speed of up to 4000 kilometers per hour. The CIA files include shorthand records of interrogations of the German engineer by CIA agent George Klein from March 11 to May 20, 1952.

Klein argues that the Third Reich actually successfully tested its “flying saucer” in Prague on Valentine’s Day in 1945. The Czech capital was liberated just a few months later by the Red Army of the Soviet Union.

Agent Klein claimed that the aircraft “reached an altitude of 12,400 meters for 3 minutes and a speed of 2024 km”. He claimed that a “flying saucer” could theoretically reach 4000 km / h, which is more than three times the speed of sound.

Such characteristics would make a Nazi plate almost twice as fast as modern combat aircraft. Klein argued that the saucer can take off vertically, like a helicopter, and was in development since 1941. The CIA document says that the plates were built in the same factories where V2 missiles were made.

According to reports, Nazi engineers were evacuated from Prague, when the Red Army turned the Nazis to flight. Klein argues that one team failed to receive timely notice of the order to flee and they were captured by the Red Army.

Klein said that he received this information from an engineer who worked in the Ministry of Aviation of the Third Reich and who was personally present in Prague on February 14, 1945 on the first experimental flight of a flying saucer.

Conspiracy theorists believe that even before its collapse, the Third Reich created secret bases in Antarctica on which it concentrated all its breakthrough technologies.

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