Does the underwater “Bimini road” to Atlantis?

What is the origin of the underwater “Bimini road”? Perhaps it is the upper part of the wall the lost city of Atlantis? If it is a man-made structure, by whom and when it was created? Because of the strong Gulf stream, the complicated and dangerous research never completed.

Mysterious underwater formation

Off the coast of Bimini, under crystal blue waters, discovered by the ancient stone formations. Many believe that the mysterious road, paved with stone slabs, is the remains of the mythical lost city of Atlantis.

Numerous expeditions of explorers, geologists, archaeologists and scientists have been off the coast of Bimini to explore the underwater flat stones, known as the Bimini road. They were looking for the answer to the question whether the limestone blocks are a natural phenomenon or a man-made evidence of an ancient lost civilization.

Bimini is one of the Bahamian Islands 50 miles East of Miami, Florida. Just 20 feet from the coast under water was discovered stone ridge. Large flat stones, cut at right angles, it seems, were deliberately installed in a straight line.

It’s impressive education extends half a mile in length in a straight line and turns at one end. The stones are up to 13 ft (4 m) in diameter.

Still the origin and purpose of the “Bimini road” remains an unsolved mystery. The name Bimini is found in the ancient Egyptian language and means “homage to Mine.” Min was the divine patron of the Egyptians and protected them on long journeys. If the island is visited by travelers from the valley of the Nile, they could call it a Bimini top.

After the plane was discovered a mysterious underwater formation, rushed there are many divers, scuba divers. In 1968, archaeologist and oceanographer Manson Valentine announced the discovery at shallow depth (about several meters) paved roads or stone walls.

Further studies revealed the existence of two rock formations, the first is almost parallel to the road. The study of rocks allowed us to date the age of rocks is X century BC.

Prophecy Cayce about Atlantis

After this discovery, it was linked with the prediction of the “sleeping” mystic Edgar Cayce, who saw future events while in a trance. In 1938, Edgar Cayce predicted that “Atlantis, or part of the temples rise from under sea water in the area of Bimini. It will be 68 or 69”. Bimini road was discovered in 1968, and many perceived this as the fulfillment of the prediction Cayce on lost Atlantis.

The first mentions of Atlantis the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato. His record on the continent, cursed by the gods and fell out of favor, it is written as a parable. It warned that the arrogance and abuse of power can lead to the death of an entire civilization. What if ancient advanced civilization did exist, but went under water and was lost to our history?

If the parable of Plato about Atlantis, also disappeared around the X century BC is not a fairy tale, it is hoped to find the whereabouts of the doomed island.

Throughout history all over the world different peoples have suffered terrible disasters, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Perhaps Atlantis suffered the same fate?

Hypotheses remain unconfirmed

Skeptics of the existence of Atlantis explain the origin of the Bimini road is a natural phenomena. They assume that weathering, erosion, tides and other phenomena could destroy lines and edges in the limestone along the natural seams and folds of the earth’s crust. In addition, they do not see evidence of stone processing, but in the meantime tourists and scholars gradually dismantled the road for Souvenirs or for research.

Theories and hypotheses major expeditions attempting to solve the mystery of Bimini road, not everyone agrees. In 2006, the American TV channel conducted its own investigation and made a documentary about the underwater formations and their connection with the search for the lost city of Atlantis.

A team of divers under the first layer of stones found second. Moreover, the stones deeper layer was adapted to the much denser and had the same dimensions. This gave grounds to assume that the Bimini road is the upper part of a wall or other construction, for example, of the breakwater.

Because of the strong Gulf stream in this area underwater work difficult and dangerous. Different expeditions have not done your research, several people were killed. It remains a mystery: huge stones reaching 4 to 6 meters in the DIN, was carved carefully and deliberately laid an ancient civilization that has faded into obscurity as a result of disasters, or the natural destruction of rocks led to formation of absolutely the correct forms under the action of time and the sea.

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Ron Coddington

What a frigging joke! The last picture is of Articulated Concrete erosion mats. Made in South Miami!
This is not bimini!


Another Atlantis believer … oh well

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