Found traces of the most ancient murder in the history of mankind

An international team of scientists studied the fossil remains of a Paleolithic man known as Cioclovina calvaria. They concluded that he died a violent death.

Researchers analyzed the skull, which belonged to an adult who lived 33 thousand years ago. The remains were found in a cave in Southern Transylvania. A characteristic feature is a fracture of the right skull bone, and experts conducted a series of experiments to determine the origin of the injury. To do this, they made 20 spheres that mimic the skull, and subjected them to physical impact, including falling from a height and hitting stones.

It turned out that at the time of death a person received two injuries: a fracture at the base of the skull and a depressed fracture on the right side of the cranial vault. He was probably hit several times with a bit-like object. Thus, he did not die in an accident. At the same time, the researchers emphasize that death could have occurred due to other injuries to the body, but only a skull was available to scientists.

The results show that the Upper Paleolithic was a difficult time for the early Europeans. Killing and violent behavior has become part of the behavior of modern man.

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