Geomagnetic storm of 1967 nearly led to a 3rd World war

Scientists and retired officers of the U.S. air force, spoke about the prevention of a Third world war, which could cause the incident due to a solar storm, the damage to the radar equipment.

Devoted to a study published in the journal Space Weather, and briefly about it reports the American geophysical Union.

Described in the publication event has occurred may 23, 1967. Then the US air force lost radio contact with the radar located North of the Arctic circle. Deciding that it was the actions of the Soviet side, the U.S. military prepared to launch several aircrafts in the USSR.

Aviation has not had to use, since the military have received the data of meteorologists, pointing to the powerful solar flare which was sufficient for the removal of the radar equipment failure. As the authors of the study, it is possible to prevent a conflict that could escalate into a world war involving nuclear weapons.

A small group of sunspots found on 18 may 1967 Observatory in new Mexico and Colorado. Activity stars rose sharply by 23 may. At the same Observatory in Massachusetts recorded the powerful radiation emanating from the sun. Geomagnetic storm on Earth lasted for about 40 hours. This led to the conclusion of the three radars (In Alaska, Greenland, and the UK).

The authors submitted documents indicate that the incident knew about the American leadership. The authors also point out the benefit and effectiveness of regular monitoring of space weather, launched by the country in the 1950-ies.

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