Half the girl is half the crocodile. Mysterious Egyptian Mummy

The ancient mummy found in Egypt was first shown to the public, although it was discovered 100 years ago.

A strange mummy from ancient Egypt, uniting the head of an unknown ancient Egyptian princess and the head of the Nile crocodile was first put on public display.

According to legend, after the princess was killed by a crocodile, the local ruler decided to unite them in the hope that she would be resurrected in the afterlife as a crocodile.

Unlike other Egyptian mummies stored in the Istanbul archaeological museum, the “two-headed” mummy was hidden from the public in the Istanbul Topkapi Palace, after the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II ordered this to be done in the 19th century. Previously, it was stored in the Yildiz Palace, which was then the residence of the Sultan.

In ancient Egypt, there were several cultic crocodile centers, as well as a large crocodile necropolis. The power of the crocodile was a matter of admiration. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the crocodile as the embodiment of Sobek’s god and many crocodiles mummified after their death.

Sobek was the Egyptian god of power. He was also the patron of the Egyptian army and royal warriors. Sobek had the head of a crocodile and was called “The Lord of the Waters” and “Lord of Fayoum.”

His cult was widespread during the Middle Kingdom, during the reign of the 12th dynasty, and many pharaohs wore names derived from Sebek-Sebekhoutep or Nefrusebek.

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