“Heavenly field” – the place where fell the second Moon

Legends say that some five or six thousand years ago in the night sky above the Earth, you could see two moons. So it was until, until it happened the same catastrophe, of which tell the legends and myths of many peoples of the world: “the Stars fell from the heavens in order to obliterate the fiery sky train, the earth rumbled, shook and cracked, shaken by tremors. The world was collapsing”.

The consequences of the disaster became shift the earth’s axis at 30 degrees, tectonic shifts and possibly flooding large areas of land.

But why and how did this all happen? Perhaps the answer to this question lies in the territory of Argentina.

The Campo del Cielo — “sky box” — is located in the North of the country. This name recalls an ancient Indian legend, which says about how once on this very spot fell from the sky mysterious fireball. Old Chronicles say that the Spanish conquistadors found on the Campo del Cielo a huge piece of iron, which is used for the manufacture of swords and spears.


In 1576 the Spaniard Erman Mexico de Miraval among the swampy lowlands of the Gran Chaco, five hundred miles North of Santa Fe, came upon a large iron block. After this enterprising Spaniard for another four went back to the rock for iron and repelled from it small pieces for various needs.

The fifth and last expedition to the iron block organized don Rubin de Celis in 1783. He estimated the mass of the iron chip 15 tons. However, most of it has somehow not seen, although attempts to find made repeatedly.

In 1803, in the vicinity of Campo del Cielo was discovered a meteorite weighing about a ton. The largest fragment weighing 635 pounds in 1813, was taken to Buenos Aires. Later it was purchased by an Englishman, sir Woodbine, Derish and presented to the British Museum. This lump of cosmic iron still resting on the pedestal in front of the entrance to the Museum.

Part of its surface specially polished, so you can see the metal structure with a so-called “figures of Widmanstatten” indicating an extraterrestrial origin of the object.

An unusually large number of meteorites found on a relatively small area, shows that several thousand years ago over the Earth was shed a “meteor shower” that left a lot of craters in the Campo del Cielo.

“Meteor field” has the shape of an ellipse, stretching 17 kilometers across and 6 kilometers wide. The largest crater is the Laguna Negra it has a diameter of 115 metres and a depth of more than two meters.

El Chaco (37 tons), the largest fragment of the iron meteorite Campo del Cielo. Found it using a metal detector in 1969 at a depth of 5 meters.

Anyway, legends and finds Campo del Cielo in 1961 became interested in the American scholar from Columbia University W. Cassidy. He undertook the expedition found a large number of small metallic meteorites, called hexadecimal, consisting of chemically pure iron.

The scientist drew attention to a strange fact. Usually in the explosion of a large meteorite in the atmosphere of its fragments fall to the Ground, scattering by an ellipse with a maximum diameter of about 1600 meters. And the Campo del Cielo the diameter is 17 000 meters! That is an order of magnitude more…

The preliminary findings of the research Cassidy caused a sensation. It was hundreds of volunteers. As a result of their search new fragments of the meteorite iron were found even at the distance of 75 km from “Heavenly fields”.

The final conclusion came expedition Cassidy, was this: a huge meteorite fell to the Earth, not the solar orbit, as is usually the case. Before the fall of this celestial body is turned in an elliptical earth orbit, gradually approaching the Earth. That is, in other words, this body was the second satellite of our planet!

According to this hypothesis, “Luna-2” was gradually closer to Earth under the force of gravity, while not crossed the so-called “border Rocher” and not fell apart. These fragments for some time turned into low earth orbit, and then entered the atmosphere and began to fall to the surface of the Earth.

When was this cosmic catastrophe? Discovered the charred stump of a tree is the result of a giant fire caused by meteorite bombardment. It determined, when disaster struck — about 5,800 years ago.

Here only was the “Luna-2” and is in fact a natural celestial body? Some ufologists believe that she was a huge spaceship which landed alien expedition to the island of Atlantis. And when it turned out that the members of the expedition caught some kind of infection, type of HIV, which penetrated to the spaceship had to be destroyed all in one fell swoop — and the ship, and base on the island…

Like the kamikaze pilots of the spaceship would send your ship straight to Atlantis. But something went wrong, the ship broke apart in the atmosphere, and part of the debris fell not only on Atlantis, but also scattered on the Ground, hitting, in particular, on the territory of Argentina.

Which of the following versions is correct, or all they are nothing more than a delusion? All this is yet to be determined future researchers. And yet worldwide there is an active trade of large and small fragments of the meteorite, Campo del Cielo. The web. There are offers and at reasonable prices…

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