Hubert Robert: the Mystery of the “Painter of ruins”

Hubert Robert, French painter (1733-1808). Idyllic fantasies, whose main theme parks and the majestic ruins of the real, a great number of sketches which he made during his stay in Italy. Robert’s paintings are highly valued by his contemporaries.

His paintings are represented in the Louvre, the Carnavalet Museum, St. Petersburg Hermitage and other palaces and country estates of Russia, in many major museums in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia. The fact that painter depicted on his canvases raises many questions…

The main of which is that for the ruins of any civilizations Hubert drew from nature, and he painted it from life, what I saw with my own eyes. Historians answer this question simply – the author’s imagination, but can you so easily dismiss all that we see in the paintings of Robert?

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