In 1613 Saxony had stopped a barrage with a height of over 4 meters

I love to read old books, very many interesting things they can find. For example, in the book entitled {- the chronological history of the world, from the beginning to the end of SVT Catherine} written by Prince Prince Alexander Nikolayevich Golitsyn and published in 1805, in the description of the events of 1613 in the city of Magdeburg (capital of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany), you can read the following:

In the month of may dropped such a huge amount of hail that in some places lay it to six yards in height (4.3 meters), crops, of bread and vineyards, this castle was completely destroyed.


And in Provence in the same year 1613 there was a strong flood and it is written in the book:

The flood was accompanied by a huge number of locusts, which in Provence had eaten all the grass and plants.

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