In ancient times on Earth lived giants?

Medieval Danish historian Saxo Grammatik argues that earlier on earth giants and giants lived, otherwise how to explain the huge cyclopean structures preserved to this day. Giant people are mentioned in historical documents.

Ancient Greek historian Pausanias described the find in the river Sront. It was a five-meter-high skeleton. The Roman historian Flavius ​​talked about people who saw giants alive. Their faces were ugly, and sometimes with one eye, and the voice was thunder similar.

In the years of early Christianity, clergymen assured that Adam was four meters in height, and Eva- tri. This is in the record of the Vatican archive.

In the Caucasus mountains archaeologists found many remains four meters tall. They are hundreds of thousands of years old. In Cumberland, the giant’s skeleton was found, and in full military uniform, his sword and ax lay next to him. The growth of the skeleton is 4.5 yards, and the teeth – 6 and a half inches. In Tanzania, traces of a foot 80 cm long were found. In the desert of Nevada traces as large as 50 cm were also found.

In Hong Kong, a human tooth caught, he is five times more human. Alaska found a huge skull. In Mongolia, we found a human skeleton measuring 15 m. All this confirms the finding of giants throughout the earth, but how did they live? A single nation or not? This is still a mystery.

In different parts of our planet, various structures and structures have been found, which, with current technologies, are hard to do. In Lebanon, there is a popular Baalbek terrace. It is walled up with 3 stony slabs, which weigh 800 tons each. Plates are absolutely identical and adjusted so that between them it is impossible to thrust and the point of the knife.

Not far from Mexico there is a city built of giant slabs. Who, how and why did he build it? Its location is identical to our solar system. In the center like the sun, and around the temples, how the planets even resemble the size.

So ancient civilizations knew about the solar system. Scientists claim that these buildings, like the Egyptian Sphinx, the English Stonehenge, the stony figures of the Easter Island, the Tibetan city of the Gods, are all giants’ buildings. Modern science confirms the fact of life of giants on earth and even gives it a scientific explanation.

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