In Astrakhan found the erotic goddess-demoness Yakshini

The Astrakhan Museum-reserve transferred the statue erotic goddess Yakshini demoness from Hindu mythology. Medieval bronze figure, according to the archaeologists, came to the banks of the Volga from ancient India with trade caravans.

Also during the transfer of the artifacts found last year during expeditions in the Narimanov, Ikraninskiy and Krasnoyarsk districts of the region, were found jewelry made of silver and semi-precious stones, fragments of ceramic vessels, bronze plaques and patches, fragments of belt sets of the early iron age and around 30 coins from the middle ages. Of particular interest was the personal items: a large bronze mirror with a handle, lug, bronze tweezers and a thimble.

Yakshini usually depicted as beautiful and seductive girls with wide hips, narrow waist, huge eyes and black hair. They were indispensable characters in the erotic sculptures of Hindu temples. According to legend, they belonged to the extremely dangerous creatures that could eat a mere mortal.

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