In Brazil found the remains of the largest dinosaur

In 1953 the famous Brazilian paleontologist Llewellyn Ivor Price (Llewellyn Ivor Price) found fossil remains of the spine of a dinosaur. Scientists immediately realized that these remains belong to a giant creature, but they didn’t have enough helpers and resources to recreate the skeleton as a whole. So for the next 60 years the remains were stored in the warehouse of the Museum of Earth Sciences in Rio de Janeiro.

October 6, the evidence of the existence of Austroposeidon magnificus is the name given to this long-necked herbivorous dinosaur was first presented to the public.


According to scientists, at the peak of its prosperity, about 66 million years ago, these dinosaurs reached 25 meters in length, that is, was longer than the bus-accordion, and was able to rapidly Wade through the thicket.

The remains of the largest dinosaur currently known to science, was discovered in 2014 in Argentina. The species reached about 40 meters in length.

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