In China, found holes in the rock symbolizing the planet

In China, in the area of ​​Inner Mongolia, holes in the rock have been discovered, which archaeologists consider to represent the five planets of the solar system, namely Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. The depressions were made, presumably, about 2 thousand years ago.

The holes were about a kilometer apart and had different diameters and depths.

The depressions are relative to each other as the five planets looked in the sky in the year 204. Pits had their own size.

Thus, the depression denoting Mercury had a diameter of 6.96 cm and a depth of 3.29 cm, Venus a diameter of 7.89 cm and a depth of 2.3 cm, Mars a diameter of 8 cm and a depth of 4.2 cm, Saturn a diameter of 9 , 4 cm and a depth of 7 cm, Jupiter – a diameter of 5.68 cm and a depth of 1.92 cm.

The purpose of the holes remains unclear.

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