In China we found the burial of clay figurines

Archaeologists have discovered in China the burial with the remains of two people: the General and his wife. According to scientists, they were buried in one day in March 564. The tomb was also found more than a hundred clay figurines. The figures, which show traces of paint, depict soldiers, camel-drawn carts of the bulls and drummers. The highest figure reached a height of 56 cm.

Discovered the inscription on the Sandstone was that buried in the tomb of General Zhou Qin and his wife Princess Liu Her.

Zhou Qin had served the rulers of the Northern state of Qi, who ruled part of Northern China from 550 at 577. the General was Governor of several areas.

At the end of his life, Zhou Qin was in command of a garrison of soldiers in the town Huangniu, which under his leadership won. According to the inscription, “a thousand people lost their souls.” “He destroyed the barbarians and eradicate enemies. The people came to him,” – reads the inscription.

Zhou Qin died at the age of 67 years. It is unknown why he and his wife were buried in one day. The results of the analysis of the remains that could shed light on this mystery, not yet published.

The tomb is located near the modern city of Taiyuan in the West Bank of the river FENHE.

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