In Japan, found coins of the Roman and Ottoman empires

In Japan, on the island of Okinawa in the ruins of an ancient castle Katsuren archaeologists have discovered Roman coins (minted in the III-IV centuries ad) and the Ottoman Empire (minted approximately in 1687 ad). This is the first such discovery in that country. Now scientists are trying to understand how the objects came to Japan.

The coin was discovered by researcher Toshio Tsukamoto, who had previously been on a dig in Italy, so he knew immediately what he was dealing with. The study of the surface of the coins x-ray showed that the four coins depicts a warrior with a spear, and on the reverse side of the portrait of the Roman Emperor Constantine the First (ruled 306-337). One coin was identified by the Arabic symbols on it – it turned out that this coin of the Ottoman Empire. The other five coins have not yet been identified.

Also during the excavations were found Chinese ceramics and coins. All these findings will be investigated.




As scientists believe, on the island of Okinawa earlier there was a state of the Ryukyus (first half of XV – the second half of the XIX century), which maintained close relations with China and was involved in the trade route of the silk road. Gold Roman coins before repeatedly found in China, where in ancient times they were used as decorations. While archaeologists have not figured out why the artifacts of the Emperor Constantine was taken to the Japanese Islands.

Katsuren castle was built in XII-XIII centuries BC and is among the world heritage sites of UNESCO.

The Emperor Constantine First made known the fact that proclaimed Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire and moved the capital to the city, which then began to bear his name – Constantinople.

“This strange and interesting find. Perhaps there was a direct link between the Roman Empire and Caturano and this region could have a more extensive trade relations with Asia than previously thought,” say the archaeologists.

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