In Kazakhstan found the gold of the Saka period

Rare finds of Saka period discovered in Akmola region. The tract near the village of Kenetkol once again surprised archaeologists.

In winter the shallow burial of teachers and students of major universities found the remains of a teenage girl. Beside her was a memorial of the vessel, and near the head – jewelry. In addition, on the site of an ancient settlement, which belongs to the VII century BC, found fragments of pottery.

Sergazy Sakenov, senior lecturer in ENU. L. N. ENU:

– A unique find – earrings gold plated, they strung glass beads, kept on gold plates. The uniqueness is that here is found a very beautiful product. Pin gold plated. This is a very rare find, they are also strung glass beads, also covered in gold foil.

Pavel Kucherov, student of ENU named. L. N. ENU:

– Worked here the ancient metallurgists, these lands have been inhabited for a very long time – from the Paleolithic to the bronze age, moving into the early iron age. We can see the size and layout of dwellings.

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