In Kuwait found rock paintings of people and dinosaurs

An unusual rock painting was discovered by a 67-year-old shepherd when an animal ran away from the herd. He noticed a barely visible entrance to the cave, and when he entered it, he saw that all the walls were painted with drawings depicting people and dinosaurs.

Dinosaur images can not be confused with other animals, it is they who turn out that the ancient people living in this cave lived simultaneously with dinosaurs!

A paleontologist from Kuwait Abdul Al-Shalafi, said that at first he was shocked by what he saw when he got into this cave. He decided that this is someone’s joke and drawings are not ancient, but carried out a radiocarbon analysis of the remnants of paint showed that the drawings with dinosaurs are older than all the other figures found earlier in the caves existing in the area.

It is worth noting that in this area, archeologists often find dinosaur bones and the question of the entire history of the disappearance of dinosaurs, which allegedly occurred 65 million years ago, when there were no people on Earth, but it turns out that dinosaurs lived when there were already on earth People, and it was only a few hundred thousand years ago.

The figures depict people escaping from the huge dinosaurs, who apparently hunted people. True official world archaeological journals and institutions, while not commenting on this find, or rather, generally ignore it …

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