In Moscow found the English medallion of the XVI century

Moscow archaeologists have found English medallion of the XVI century. The discovery was made during archaeological work in the southern part of the Park “Zaryadye”. The locket is made of alloy of lead and tin, and its diameter is about five inches.

Old the product is decorated with the emblem — the Tudor rose, the heraldic symbol of the Royal dynasty of England. During the reign of the Tudors, from 1485 to 1603, the logo a dual red and white roses (the symbol of reconciliation of two warring Royal dynasties of Lancaster and York) was applied to coins, hats, medallions and even playing chips.

“The image of the Tudor rose — the main marker medallions, manufactured in England from 1509 to 1603, during the reign of king Henry VIII and his daughter Queen Elizabeth I. most Likely, four centuries ago it was used as patches on clothes — at the edges of the product there are four small holes,” — said General Director of the Capital archaeological Bureau Konstantin Voronin.

In the course of archaeological investigations, the specialists also read engraved on the medallion label. It reads: Dieu et mon droit, which translated from French means “God and my right”. Next to the motto bears the date 1590.

Engraved on the medallion is the phrase already 700 years and is the official motto of the English monarchy. It tells about the divine origin of the rights of the monarch to the crown. And the French motto written because this language has long been popular with the English aristocracy: all communication and correspondence was conducted on it. The artifact will be transferred to the Museum of Moscow.

“Perhaps this interesting archaeological find linked to the activities of the Old English court, a building which is located on Varvarka. It existed in charge in the XVI century. In the years 1556 Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich gave the English the right of free trade and customs privileges,” — said the chief archaeologist of Moscow Leonid Kondrashov.

Archaeological work in the “Charge” being two years. During this time, experts investigated about 1,800 square meters of land for a future Park.
Among the most interesting findings in Zaryadye — a hoard of silver coins, and preserved from the great street wooden bridge and log houses.

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