In Nepal, prehistoric figures on rocks

Researchers say the history of Nepalese art should be reconsidered after the recent discovery of rock paintings in the Upper Mustang.

According to Fidel Devkot, an anthropologist, the newly discovered ancient rock art can shed light on the history of the people of the Upper Mustang in Nepal.

The girl came across photos, and over the past 10 years, he recorded the effects of climate change in the Mustang region. He discovered 90 rock drawings of red and yellow ocher, depicting wild yaks, horses and other animals, images of a crescent moon and human figures.

The exact location of this discovery is the cliffs in the Kya and Ludak valleys in the eastern part of Mustang, in an inaccessible place that is difficult to find.

“The paintings and inscriptions differ in style, execution, composition and placement, which indicates that they come from different historical periods,” Devkota said.

Rock art depicts hunting and wild animals, human figures, births, anthropomorphic figures and other sacred symbols. Some drawings date back to the 7th century BC.

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