In Norway they want to build the world’s first navigable tunnel

The Norwegian Sea Stadhavet is considered one of the most dangerous in this area. Still Vikings preferred to bypass this place by the party or to pull the boats on a land, only not to cross dangerous waters by swimming. The Stadhavet Sea storms at least 100 days a year, and many ships, as well as their crews, are in great danger. The idea of ​​building the world’s first navigable tunnel, which would avoid getting into this sea, was born back in the 70s of the last century, but only now is the technological level that allows it to be done.

The tunnel was named Stad Ship Tunnel, and it will make it possible to make a safe passage through the sea of ​​Stadhavet 70-120 vessels daily. To begin with, the architectural company Snohetta was involved in the development of the project, the artists and designers of which created the original project plan and several drawings demonstrating how the Stad Ship Tunnel will look.

From the northern part of the entrance to the tunnel will be near the town of Selje, and the south will be located near the town of Molde. In the area of ​​the southern entrance, a bridge will be thrown from which everyone can see the ships entering or exiting the tunnel.

On the map, the tunnel is indicated by a yellow line. Dotted lines denote dangerous and relatively safe routes, which the vessels are now overcoming

The Norwegian parliament has already allocated an amount of a billion Norwegian kroner (about $ 118 million) at the beginning of the construction of this facility, and the total budget of the project, according to experts, will be 2.3 billion Norwegian kroner (about 272 million dollars). But if the authors of the project are settled in time, then very soon Norway will receive a large architectural landmark. According to construction manager Terje Andrisen,

“The Stad Ship Tunnel project we are developing will not look like a rude human intervention in nature. It will have the most aesthetic forms and harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape. We expect that construction will begin as early as 2019 “.

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