In Peru, found a mummy of this alien

Not far from Nazca Plateau in Peru, archaeologists have discovered a mummified body and it does not belong to man. Leading specialists were involved in the study of the mummy, who conducted the mummy scan and took samples of body tissues.

Mummy, once was a humanoid-type creature, there is no hair on the head, the head is large, the skull is elongated, a small mouth and nose, big eyes, very long three fingers on the hands, as well as on the soles, also very long three fingers.

It should be noted that scientists of various fields of science are involved in studying the alien mummy, everything is documented in photo and video, the mummy’s body is scanned by X-rays, the documentation is preserved and duplicated. For filming the process of studying the mummy, filmmakers are involved, so to hide the fact of finding an alien buried on the Nazca plateau, nobody will be able to hide it.

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