In Peru found the burial of victims of ancient rituals

In Peru, 56 skeletons of children were found, who were sacrificed during pagan rituals.

The publication reports that archaeologists have found a burial in the province of Trujillo in the region of La Libertad in early May, but only the day before they reported the find to the press. It is specified that, in addition to the remains of children, experts also found 30 skeletons of young llamas, also sacrificed.

According to archaeologists, the oldest of the burials is about 600 years old. According to them, children were sacrificed to pagan gods to try to prevent weather disasters.

Scientists recalled that near El Pero is the El Niño phenomenon, which manifests itself in an anomalous increase in the temperature of the surface layer near the equatorial part of the Pacific Ocean by 0.5 degrees Celsius. It is established that it can cause destructive downpours and floods on land.

Culture Chimu dominated in the north of modern Peru from about 1250 to 1470. Throughout its history, the kingdom of Chimu gradually expanded, conquering a number of smaller cultures, but ultimately was completely conquered by the Incas.

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