In Romania have found evidence of aliens visiting Earth

Metal object discovered by archaeologists during excavations on the banks of the Mures river in Transylvania, proves that in ancient times, Romania was visited by aliens. This metal object was discovered in 1973 but then the scientists decided to conduct a thorough study, because it violated all the conventional concepts of history.

But the years passed and fortunately, the artifact has been preserved to our days. First studies have shown that the subject is an alloy of twelve metals, and 90 percent consists of aluminium. The age of this incredible artifact 250,000 years.

The results of the study of this artifact has plunged the scientific community as a real shock. Some scientists were quick to refute the test results and stated. this object is only 400 years, but the fact. that mankind have learned to do these alloys only 200 years ago. This means that even if the object is not 250,000 years, and only 400, it still does not fit into modern ideas of historians of human civilization.


The question arises, how have appeared on our planet this incredible object of artificial origin. The answer to this question is very simple – the artifact is of alien origin.

The good news is that this artifact was discovered in 1973, has not disappeared, not destroyed, still preserved and now it is exhibited in the historical Museum of Cluj-Napoca. The plaque in the Museum under this artifact says that its origin is unknown.


Let’s hope that the study of this incredible subject, will known scientists who have the guts to tell the truth about the alien artifact around the world.

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