In Serbia found gold convolution with the Aramaic spells

Excavations were conducted at the city Kostolac where once in ancient times there was a Roman Winemuseum.

Researchers from the Archaeological Institute in Belgrade, excavations have found gold and silver parcels with ancient spells. Age clots is estimated at two thousand years ago.

“The Greek alphabet is what we know. And the language Aramaic is a middle Eastern mystery to us,” said archaeologist Miomir Korac.

His colleagues managed to decipher the names mentioned demons, which belong to the culture of the people who lived on the territory of modern Syria.

Excavations were conducted near the town Kostolac on the place where in the future will be built power plant. Here, in the first century of our era stood the Roman city of Viminacium.

The Aramaic language, which includes several dialects, is considered close to the Hebrew. In the time of Jesus Christ, Aramaic in the middle East functioned as the “lingua Franca”.

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