In Siberia, found a toy of the bronze age

Novosibirsk archeologists have found in the area of Vengerovsky baby rattle in the form of the head bear of the bronze age, said the Deputy Director of the Institute of archaeology and Ethnography Vyacheslav Molodin.

An unusual find was discovered on the territory of the archaeological monument “Vengerovo-2”. Previously it found the settlement Krotovskoe culture Dating from the era of the bronze age — the end of the 3 century BC. This year has unearthed a new home.

“The hearth in the center of the home was stuffed with finds of clay balls, clay discs, stone tools,” — said the academician.

According to moledina, the purpose of many finds very mysterious, it remains to be seen. Among other things, was found a baby rattle.

“Imagine a little baby, the carrier of Krotovskoe culture, which took the figure. It’s highly stylized head of a bear. It did not hurt, were lying among the crushed vessels”, — said the scientist.

Rattle filled with metal beads or small pebbles — details archaeologists remains to be seen.

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