In Sochi found the tip of the spear made 5 thousand years ago

On the territory of Sochi (Russia) there was found a bronze spear, which has about 5 thousand years. It was accidentally discovered by a local resident during a picnic by the river Adipsa, near the village of Yakornaya Schel. The man went to the water to wash my hands and saw at the bottom of an unusual subject.

The finding for further study gave the specialists, which confirmed its uniqueness. In their assumptions, the tip is brought over the river.

“After examining the place, we came to the conclusion that it washed up from the river. After inspecting the place of the other finds were found. The find is unique, 5000 years old” — said the researcher of the Adygeya Republican Institute of humanitarian researches Mikhail Kudin. Similar finds on the territory of the Ciscaucasia discovered very little.

In the 1950-ies a small bronze knife and an awl were found in the Vorontsov cave. A couple of knives found in the tomb And in the dolmen Shepsi. According to experts, the spearhead of the Anchor Gap will take its rightful place among the exhibits of Lazarevsky ethnographic Museum.

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