In Syria, discovered a huge ancient fortress which is 4000 years old

In the north of Syria, a network of fortification structures with an age of about 4 thousand years was discovered.

The fortifications were seen on satellite images and photos taken from a drone, reports the French research center CNRS. According to archaeologists, for the first time a fortification network of such magnitude was discovered on this territory. Fortifications are in the east of the province of Hama.

The network is a series of fortresses and small forts, towers and ramparts along a chain of hills.

According to the researchers, the fortifications were built from large, unbless blocks of basalt. The walls of the buildings reached a height and a thickness of several meters. Each such fortification was located in such a way that it could be seen from other similar structures. Perhaps the defenders of the fortresses communicated with each other by light or smoke signals.

The fragments of pottery found here helped to date the fortifications.

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