In the Arctic found that the ship sank 170 years ago

The researchers found that the ship Terror, were part of an expedition of British polar Explorer John Franklin, who tried to find the so-called North-West passage through the Arctic ocean.

The lost expedition led by British naval officer John Franklin ships Erebus and the Terror had to find a way through the Arctic from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. Franklin and his crew of 128 sailors sailed from Britain in may 1845. The latest news about them was received in August of the same year, the fate of the expedition unknown.

On Sunday, the experts from research organizations Arctic Research Foundation using a small remote-controlled submarines reached the second ship sunk in one of the bays of the Arctic.

We have successfully penetrated into the cabin, was able to visit several cabins, found a grocery store with plates and one jar of preserves on the shelf. We noticed two bottles of wine, tables and empty shelves. Found a table with extended drawers, in one corner of which something is, — said the publication of one of the leaders of the organization aboard the research ship Martin Bergmann.

The fate of the lost expedition of sir John Franklin is devoted to the famous novel of Terror by American writer Dan Simmons.

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